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About Us

When I started this business in 2000, I wanted to separate myself and do something different than then other dealers! First off, I decided to carry used homes and not just sell them as is in their current condition. I slowly put a team together that not only made the repairs needed but also some custom remodels. We stared doing things like wall texture, upgraded fixtures, high quality floor coverings, metal roofs, and the list goes on.

These homes are several thousands of dollars below new and have been told on several occasions by our customers that due to the custom repairs, they look better than new homes.

Just within the last year we decided to include a warranty with our used refurbished homes. This warranty also covers major repairs like A/C system, heating system, water heater, all kitchen appliances, roof leaks, electrical and plumbing. This increased our sales significantly because in the past we would lose customers because they wanted a warranty so this would force them to buy now. Not only are we proud of the new warranty program on our used homes but we firmly believe we have an extremely better response time over new home warranties. This is because most factories use sub contractors to do their warranty orders when we used our own workers and equipment. Most of the time whoever refurbished our house will be the same person to complete warranty work and repairs.

We have several different lending sources available for our customers including our very own finance company we developed for the customers with extremely challenged credit.

One of the most significant differences is our aggressive pricing which most of the time is not only cheaper than our competitors but several thousand below. One of the most common questions asked is how are we able to keep our pricing that aggressive. Well, it's pretty simple, first of all we are an independent dealer so we are not required to have the extremely high profit margins the big corporate dealers have to stay afloat. I knew in my early years in business that a large overhead would put me shoulder to shoulder with other dealers but could also be the death of my business. During my first 10 years of business I paid the business completely off which included credit lines for my homes. Today I am proud to say that Henly Homes stands on its own two feet which allows us to offer the best quality houses at the most reasonable prices. Also, don't forget we also own our own construction company so we can cater to all customers needs. We can personally install your house pad, delivery, concrete runner foundation system, electric hook ups, water hook ups, fences, decks, carports, garages, and the list goes on. If its home related we can do it. Remember this is all done by us not subbed out to high cost sub contractors like all of the other dealers.

Lastly, all of this is only possible by employing the best of the best to make up the Henly Homes team. Talk to any employee and they will tell you that we are one big family that works together like a well oiled machine. By keeping our homes aggressively priced you will notice immediately that our sales staff will make you feel relaxed and not pressured like the big corporate dealers. Our outlook is if you're a serious buyer, then you will shop other dealers and our prices will always bring you back to our Henly Homes family.